January 26, 2021

About PTSDiscussion

I am Mac!

A Marine Veteran & Warrior Messenger in “The Silent War”, tasked out by the real powers that be. To disseminate all information while providing my own perspective and overview of conflict, conspiracies and change.

Hoping to communicate and help guide people to their own conclusions, not admitting anything on my site is true. Only here to expand our perceived perspective so we can achieve an over all objective. Which is uniting humanity and ending the pointless wars that keep the few wealthy.

My self-creed.

Help Everyone

I am the creator of my own destiny, my outcome is what I want it to be. I conceive that which I want to achieve, by believing myself capable of things I never thought possible of achieving.


What I want is to change the world by helping others change what they believe about themselves. How I get there is up to me, I dictate the outcome I see.

Who we are is because of what we want to be. That which we see, we achieve. Where our thoughts go our actions follow.

CPT Book Handouts-2017

Post Traumatic “Stress Disorder” has become a talking point of recent years, everyone seems to have it from those that I have spoken too. I guess in a sense they are right, if you change the words of this stupid acronym around a little.

Post Trauma is fine, “Stress” thats a vague word. What makes an event stressful, is it witnessing it or experiencing it? Am I stressed because I was at war and I expected the Taliban was trying to kill me? Or was my friend who got blown up out of an MRAP stressed that he was going to die while laying face down in sand across the ocean in some hillside of Afghanistan? Or are you stressed reading this website? Or watching the news? So what makes trauma stressful? Some people get stressed from an experience, or witnessing an incident. Either way trauma is trauma and you have to discuss it to overcome it.

Not actually having something happen to you, does not mean that the event wont have a negative impact on you by just witnessing it. I have experienced both, and I am sure that I am not the only one. The last thing I really think about is the word “Disorder”, as if witnessing something traumatic or having something happen to you makes you unable to function. Post trauma is sad, and people should discuss it.

Discussing it with people who are like minded, or have had similar experiences. Or a trained professional. I am not a doctor, nor do I pretend to be one. I am just a person with a perspective and a different opinion. Looking to help people by sharing my experience. While expanding my perspective from learning from others experiences. That is why I like talking about trauma, I have seen a lot of it myself and after war it became my center of most conversations. People ask some pretty invasive questions; “how many people have you killed?”, I have even heard, “what was it like to kill someone?” Pretty intrusive questions, most people do not sign up for the military to go enjoy killing, cause thats what those questions are like. Either way, I digress.

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