Empires only fall; ultimately, absolute power only corrupts absolutely. When a Society forms it has only one place to build from and that is from the bottom, moving up.

As Rome was built up, it was built just as any other. It started and spread, it conquered and controlled, but in the end it only fell to the division from within. It transpired into something else maybe? Even transitioning into the Catholic church, putting a building on every continent, within every nation on this earth.

Our Great America

That can just be left up to the imagination. What power has risen in the last 242 years and put over 900 military bases in a 123 different counties? We have spread and conquered and now have been set on a path for division from within.

The last thing we can do is allow that to happen, as we work together to repair this nation and tear down the boarders within. Other nations have their problems and I am sure we will be able to help in the end, but if you allow your focus to settle with comfort, at best you have allowed yourself to miss an opportunity to make a difference and change yourself. So you can change those around you.

Man standing in front of chalk strongman arms

We All Have Inner Strength

By simply showing them that you have the ability to find from within the person you have always known yourself to be and the ability, then you can achieve what you see in your mind. The guidance comes from within and that power either driven from an outside force or something within.

You must learn to harness it and power the focus you have and achieve what you see in your mind so that you can give back and change what’s inside. This is how I believe we can make the world outside ourselves better, the things around us worth living for.

Out With the Old

Using old ideas to solve modern problems is only going to create new problems. If you erase history then you often repeat it and we now live in a time where information is endless and people are able to educate themselves rather than being educated by someone else. There is a reason why throughout history they have limited people’s ability to learn certain information.

Even today we are kept from certain information. It is deemed for our safety, for our security, but prudence will dictate what is good for me. I will dictate what is in my best interest, I leave that decision to no one other than myself.

Away from the Bad

So where do we begin? How is the world going to start again when the truth is revealed? Where we go one, we go all is about us going away from the elite, the cabal and the luciferianist elites. It means us moving into a world of liberties, instead of false propagated ideologies.

War and division are sold to us and it seems that we are all the ones that pay the ultimate price.

By Mac

I am looking to change the rhetoric and perception of the American Veteran, one person at a time. #Post8ForLife Semper Fi! 🇺🇸

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